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Special Broadcasting System or Slightly Boring Sketch of OZ ?

It has been really warm out here in Sydney that I can hear the Summer is coming without the Spring.

So, I might go out and appreciate the nature God given, rather than watching Aussie TV programs dragged in a freezing living-room.

But before that, let me introduce one of representative Australian TV channels which is very distinguishable from all the others.

You know that Australia has numerous broadcasting networks include famous ABC, Nine, Ten, Seven and SBS. They all have each distinct purpose and content to satisfy different needs of various groups in Australia.

Yet, I will only nominate SBS (Special Broadcasting System) for the most ‘appropriate’ Australia channel that represents its real multicultural society in particular. Continue reading


The Code of Australian TV drama: Yeap, I am ‘Aussie’ drama.

Good afternoon, everyone. This is DJ again. I am here to talk about a very interesteing subject named  ‘the code of Australian TV drama’.

I generally have been thinking that Australian dramas are not quite ‘attractive’ as much as American ones. Maybe because I am being an international student in Sydney, the dramas are neither representative nor really understandable at least for me, (then Why Americans’?).

Let me have a look at some of Australian’s favorite dramas that hopefully represent Australian identities.

Continue reading