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“Racist Country, Australia”?

What is the stereotype of Australia? (Photo by raguy)

What is the stereotype of Australia? (Photo by raguy)

How do you see Australia? How does it look to you?

An interesting article on the stereotype of Australia has just been released today.
Pop culture racism ‘stereotyping Australia’

The article is basically talking about the stereotype of Australia is being ‘racist’.

Well, in my opinion, it look true to me, and I think it cannot be avoided because of White Australia in the old days, the Cronulla riot and so on. I often look at internet forums from my country to discuss news, and I can see a lot of people has an idea that Australia is racist.

However, I have been amazed by the society where a number of races are living all together and form the nation. I used to see foreigners, meaning people who do not look similar to myself, to be different. But people here don’t; everybody is different, and they are proving definitely possible to live in peace with ‘different’ people.

Yes, sometimes tragedies do happen, but overall, I see they are living in peace. I guess this parallels with what the last half of the article is reporting.

Anyway, stereotype is something often untrue. It is important to avoid being deceived by some myth without knowing the truth with your own eyes.