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Mix, Mix, Mix, – Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch!

Pepper Lunch!

I went to Pepper Lunch with my friends today, which is a steak restaurant in George Street.

I had actually knew Pepper Lunch, as it is a restaurant franchise in Japan. It is not like a usual steak restaurant as it is a sort of “fast-food” style one. It is cheap and fast. It is famous for “pepper lunch” plates which you are served with a piece of raw beef and rice in a hot plate. You mix them up, and then it is ready.

Pepper lunch was began by Kunio Ichinose 14 years ago. He was a chef and had his own restaurant in Tokyo, and he was one of the earliest who introduced induction cookers to cook steaks. Around that time, major steak restaurants came to have cheap dishes because of a liberalization of beef trade and strong Japanese yen. However, he had a strong belief that there had to be some new style of serving steaks if they wanted to serve them cheap. He then came up with the method of pepper lunch plate using metal plates and the induction cookers, and opened the first Pepper Lunch in Kanagawa, Japan. Continue reading


Full House, the Korean Restaurant



As I have lived in Sydney for months, I must say that the diversity of ethnic cuisines is one of the greatest things here.┬áChinese, Thai, Korean, Malaysian, French, Russian, Indian, Japanese… pretty much everything is within a walking distance from each other.

For a lunch on a sunny day, we decided to spend 10 dollars each at a Korean restaurant in the City. It is called Full House.

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