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Nothing to Blame but Racism

Here I am to talk about the controversial issue ‘racism’ accused by religious and ethical groups.

indian student protest

This is the story of an Islam community I found necessary to think about.

-An Islamic community is accusing the New South Wales government that the community has been unfairly treated by the department for constructing an Islamic school. Click for details

According to the news article, a three-hectare site was bought from the New South Wales Education Department, but the department changed its mind three years later and invoked powers to announce it would buy the land back and halt construction of the Islamic school.

The principle of the proposed school, Mohamed El Dana says the ‘Islam’ community has been always treated by the govenment in a discriminatory way that she believes the Australian government hates Muslims. She thinks the excuses of the government are unreasonable and accuses their such racist decision.

Australia boasts or promotes itself to other nations as a very welcoming country that any nationality, culture or religion background are harmoniously living, and yet, when it comes to the matter of settling in Australia, the government takes a defensive gesture that their ‘original’ identity(?) should be remained.

Yeah of course, multicultural society is the one of Australia’s unavoidable identities, however, in fact, only 8% of the population is of Asian descent while over 90% is European descent. See here.

I think it’s the alluring image of Australia that the government is proposing to the Asian nations, to save their future economic. But once the wanted are accepted into the country, their whatever original cultural, religion identities will be considered as “others”.

I am not only saying that the government is not accepting different qualities of other nationalities as much as their proposal seems, but also the people who have a concept of other nationalities are the one not opening as well, to where they plan to abide ‘permanently’.

Like indian students who have been attacked and raised protests, even an Indian newspaper calls them “Ugly”.

I just wonder where’s the problem originated and how it can be overcome if it should be?

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