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Education in Australia

During the classTo begin with, I believe that education is the key to the future and according to this choosing the university and the country to study in is extremely important.

However, picking out all this in the contemporary world, seems to be rather difficult. Continue reading


Russian Immigration to Australia

Hello, I’m Russian member from the group Diverse Sydney and I’d like to present the theme about Russian Immigration to Australia.

Red Square, Moscow

Red Square, Moscow

Russian Immigration started at 19th century with the Russian expeditions, the purposes of which were to explore unknown regions of the Pacific Ocean and Antarctic. The Jackson’s port (nowadays Kirribilli) at Sydney was the main area of Russian ships, where seafarers repaired their ships and had a rest. Therewith, most of the Australian citizens, of that time, named this place as “Russian Promontory”. Continue reading

The French in Australia

1797 laPerouse mapHello everyone, that the “Frenchy” speaking for you about the French community in Australia…

To begin, a short history of French in Australia… back to January 1788 with the arrival of La Perouse expedition in Botanic Bay. La Perouse left the French port of Brest in August 1785 and headed south. In the next 2 and a half years, La Boussole and L’Astrolabe would sail many thousands of kilometres and cross the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans several times. Then since this expédition French people have been living in Australia.

The Consulate General of France estimates that the French community of Australia comprised 70 000 people in 2006. Of these, 55 000 (mostly dual nationals) were not registered at the Consulate General. In addition, more than 6 000 young French people are currently visiting Australia as part of the Working Holiday Visa program. Continue reading

The Code of Australian TV drama: Yeap, I am ‘Aussie’ drama.

Good afternoon, everyone. This is DJ again. I am here to talk about a very interesteing subject named  ‘the code of Australian TV drama’.

I generally have been thinking that Australian dramas are not quite ‘attractive’ as much as American ones. Maybe because I am being an international student in Sydney, the dramas are neither representative nor really understandable at least for me, (then Why Americans’?).

Let me have a look at some of Australian’s favorite dramas that hopefully represent Australian identities.

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Brief History of the European Immigration to Australia

Hello everybody, I am French from Paris and I lived in Sydney for 2 years, I would like to introduce to you a short history of the European immigration to Sydney…

Australia belongs from a strong European immigration started from 1606 by the Dutch and Spanish who discover first the Australian coast known as the New Holland by the European explorers and traders. It was not until 1770 when the British, Captain James Cook and Joseph Banks sailed into Botany Bay in 1780 under the command of Governor Arthur Phillip. It wasn’t long before the colony established itself and for the next 60 years it would be the new home to unwanted, persecuted and criminal elements of British society. Then the discovery of gold in 1851 in New South Wales and Victoria transform demographically Australia from 437,655 to 1,151,947 of population and most of them were European immigrants.

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“Racist Country, Australia”?

What is the stereotype of Australia? (Photo by raguy)

What is the stereotype of Australia? (Photo by raguy)

How do you see Australia? How does it look to you?

An interesting article on the stereotype of Australia has just been released today.
Pop culture racism ‘stereotyping Australia’

The article is basically talking about the stereotype of Australia is being ‘racist’.

Well, in my opinion, it look true to me, and I think it cannot be avoided because of White Australia in the old days, the Cronulla riot and so on. I often look at internet forums from my country to discuss news, and I can see a lot of people has an idea that Australia is racist.

However, I have been amazed by the society where a number of races are living all together and form the nation. I used to see foreigners, meaning people who do not look similar to myself, to be different. But people here don’t; everybody is different, and they are proving definitely possible to live in peace with ‘different’ people.

Yes, sometimes tragedies do happen, but overall, I see they are living in peace. I guess this parallels with what the last half of the article is reporting.

Anyway, stereotype is something often untrue. It is important to avoid being deceived by some myth without knowing the truth with your own eyes.

Brief History of Australia


It may be too general, and everyone may know it, I’d like to make it clear; the brief history of Australia.

From the prehistoric times, Australia was populated by aborigines, who migrated to the continent more than 40 thousand years ago. Although, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Arabic seafarers, possibly, set down on the northern shore of Australia until 1000 A.D. Anyway, the West learned about it only in XVII (17) century, until this time Australia was known as mythical southern continent, which must occupy the large part of the southern hemisphere and should balance the land’s mass of the northern hemisphere. In time of the Middle Ages, Australia was called: “Terra Australis Incognita”, which means, “Unknown Southern Land”. There were a lot of seafarers who tried to find this mythical continent. Continue reading