Multicultural Events & Festivals on September

How are you doing everyone?

Me? well, I jsut have finished summarizing the list of all the multicultural events/festivals held in Sydney for the rest of this year.

I should say it was not an easy work to search, select, edit and organize in a format, but worth it!

Until now, I haven’t quite known there are such valuable and variety of events focused on Sydney’s multicultural aspects!

What the best point of all is …. most of them are free to enjoy!!!

In this post, I will only list for the September¬†events that will arrive very soon ūüôā

But unfortunately, there are some events held on a same day, so you might need to choose where to go, haha.

Have a look the list first and I am sure you will find some interests!

  • 10 Sep [A National Scandal: Perspectives on Australian/Asian Intermarriages] at Customs House Library

The Chinese Heritage Association of Australia to celebrate History Week 2009’

Individuals from both the Chinese and Anglo-Saxon Aus communities, and Dr Kathie Blunt will discuss why intermarriage between Asians and Australians was a national scandal.

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In-fusion Festival at UTS

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Hello for everyone!

At this post we’d like to do a report on the In-fusion Festival which was held at UTS Tower Building from 17th to 21st ¬†of August.

This festival had a great purpose which was to show various cultures that can be seen in such a prestigious university as UTS.

We went there on Wednesday, on the 3rd day of the festival. The program of the show included Arabic dancing by pretty woman and hip-hop dancing by a group of students.

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

The Arabic dancer showed an outgoing and beautiful ¬†belly dancing with such¬†danger weapon as a saber. Furthermore, the dancer gave a lesson “how to¬†dance”; it helped us to get an¬†unforgettable¬†knowledge such as how to dance using your belly.

Moreover, this dancing was followed by a hip-hop dancers, who have made the UTS hall full of emotions. The dancers, who presented Hip-Hop culture, were UTS students. As you can see on the photo, their skills were amazing.

Our impressions were great, it was beautiful.

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

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Australian Lifestyle (Part 2)

Australian Food Habits

Breakfast Рgenerally everyday cereal with cold milk, Fruit Juice from a bottle (they are very good quality), and very few people squeeze oranges at home. The most common eaten bread is the slice bread toast with butter and jam. The Coffee is weak mixed with cold milk in a big cup. Sweeteners are not very common used and they seemed to be amazed when you ask it.

fish and chips Australia

School Lunch Box – Sandwich of bread with butter and vegemite, apple or any other fruit and a ‚Äúlittle treat‚ÄĚ that means a small chocolate or fruit/cereal bar. Others use Nutela¬† hazelnuts spread on the bread. As the kids stay in the school until 3 pm sometimes they bring pocket money to buy food in the tuck shop (canteen).

Adults lunch – Usually around 12 o’clock, and the preference are the sandwiches hamburgers. Meat Pies came second, and fried chicken pieces in third place of preference.

Dinner or Afternoon Tea – ‚ÄúSpaggy Bol‚ÄĚ-¬† Spaghetti¬† Bolognese is one of the most requested kid dishes, but usually the menu is composed with some kind of meat and¬† vegetables, always have potatoes or mash potatoes. This means the traditional English style meal Meat + 3 Vegetables. The rice has been introduced by the Asian culture (30% of the population) but the consume is still very low ( generally they don’t know how to do very well and the outcome is a very sticky rice).

Weekends – For the families the Fish & Chips (fried fish with fried potatoes) is the most requested eaten with a lot of ketchup. To the younger generation Pizzas. The BBQ (Barbie) is very popular as well on the weekends. Continue reading

Australian Lifestyle (part 1)

Hello everyone that is the ‚ÄėFrenchy‚Äô speaking for you to tell you the typical Australian lifestyle‚Ķ

Most of the Australian people living in Australia are from England, that is the reason why Australian lifestyle is soo closed to the English lifestyle. In around the world Australia is famous for his surf lifestyle, BBQ, beer with some friends in a pub watching a rugby match after a day of surf or just having a BBQ with some friends near a beach.¬† Australians are very friendly and helpful people, with a great sense of humor and a natural ability to tell jokes and play with words. Some times we may appear cold because of our “private nature” which has been imported over the past 2 decades, but it is just takes time to “break the ice”, and everything goes well. It means you can talk about any subject, but for more personal matters, things will take a little bit longer to come out in the open.¬† Continue reading

Special Broadcasting System or Slightly Boring Sketch of OZ ?

It has been really warm out here in Sydney that I can hear the Summer is coming without the Spring.

So, I might go out and appreciate the nature God given, rather than watching Aussie TV programs dragged in a freezing living-room.

But before that, let me introduce one of representative Australian TV channels which is very distinguishable from all the others.

You know that Australia has numerous broadcasting networks include famous ABC, Nine, Ten, Seven and SBS. They all have each distinct purpose and content to satisfy different needs of various groups in Australia.

Yet, I will only nominate SBS (Special Broadcasting System) for the most ‘appropriate’ Australia channel that represents its real multicultural society in particular. Continue reading

Little Italy – Leichhardt

The Italian Forum

The Italian Forum

After busy weeks with assignments, Nikita and I decided to have a saturday lunch in Leichhardt, a inner-west suburban area of Sydney.¬†Leichhardt is often claimed to be the “Little Italy” in Sydney because of the Italian community and the culture associated with Italian emigrants.

Leichhardt is named after the persian (German) explorer, Ludwig Leichhardt, who came to Australia in 1842 for his study of rocks and nature. Italian migration began in 1920s, and its population sprang after the Second World War. It has influenced the area with Italian culture such as cafes and Italian restaurants. In fact, the Italian population there is decreasing at the moment. However, it still retains a strong Italian influence in every corner of the area.

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Mix, Mix, Mix, – Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch!

Pepper Lunch!

I went to Pepper Lunch with my friends today, which is a steak restaurant in George Street.

I had actually knew Pepper Lunch, as it is a restaurant franchise in Japan. It is not like a usual steak restaurant as it is a sort of “fast-food” style one. It is cheap and fast. It is famous for “pepper lunch” plates which you are served with a piece of raw beef and rice in a hot plate. You mix them up, and then it is ready.

Pepper lunch was began by Kunio Ichinose 14 years ago. He was a chef and had his own restaurant in Tokyo, and he was one of the earliest who introduced induction cookers to cook steaks. Around that time, major steak restaurants came to have cheap dishes because of a liberalization of beef trade and strong Japanese yen. However, he had a strong belief that there had to be some new style of serving steaks if they wanted to serve them cheap. He then came up with the method of pepper lunch plate using metal plates and the induction cookers, and opened the first Pepper Lunch in Kanagawa, Japan. Continue reading