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Photos from In-Fusion Festival

I realized that I still have a lot of photos from In-Fusion festival!

I hope it can deliver the feeling of the festival to you.




Arabic Dancer


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Multicultural Events & Festivals on September

How are you doing everyone?

Me? well, I jsut have finished summarizing the list of all the multicultural events/festivals held in Sydney for the rest of this year.

I should say it was not an easy work to search, select, edit and organize in a format, but worth it!

Until now, I haven’t quite known there are such valuable and variety of events focused on Sydney’s multicultural aspects!

What the best point of all is …. most of them are free to enjoy!!!

In this post, I will only list for the September¬†events that will arrive very soon ūüôā

But unfortunately, there are some events held on a same day, so you might need to choose where to go, haha.

Have a look the list first and I am sure you will find some interests!

  • 10 Sep [A National Scandal: Perspectives on Australian/Asian Intermarriages] at Customs House Library

The Chinese Heritage Association of Australia to celebrate History Week 2009’

Individuals from both the Chinese and Anglo-Saxon Aus communities, and Dr Kathie Blunt will discuss why intermarriage between Asians and Australians was a national scandal.

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In-fusion Festival at UTS

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Hello for everyone!

At this post we’d like to do a report on the In-fusion Festival which was held at UTS Tower Building from 17th to 21st ¬†of August.

This festival had a great purpose which was to show various cultures that can be seen in such a prestigious university as UTS.

We went there on Wednesday, on the 3rd day of the festival. The program of the show included Arabic dancing by pretty woman and hip-hop dancing by a group of students.

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

The Arabic dancer showed an outgoing and beautiful ¬†belly dancing with such¬†danger weapon as a saber. Furthermore, the dancer gave a lesson “how to¬†dance”; it helped us to get an¬†unforgettable¬†knowledge such as how to dance using your belly.

Moreover, this dancing was followed by a hip-hop dancers, who have made the UTS hall full of emotions. The dancers, who presented Hip-Hop culture, were UTS students. As you can see on the photo, their skills were amazing.

Our impressions were great, it was beautiful.

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

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