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Russian Immigration to Australia

Hello, I’m Russian member from the group Diverse Sydney and I’d like to present the theme about Russian Immigration to Australia.

Red Square, Moscow

Red Square, Moscow

Russian Immigration started at 19th century with the Russian expeditions, the purposes of which were to explore unknown regions of the Pacific Ocean and Antarctic. The Jackson’s port (nowadays Kirribilli) at Sydney was the main area of Russian ships, where seafarers repaired their ships and had a rest. Therewith, most of the Australian citizens, of that time, named this place as “Russian Promontory”. Continue reading


Chinese Migration in Australia

China Town in Sydney

China Town in Sydney (Photo by JAQ'S PhotoStorage)

When I first started going to a university in Sydney, I was surprised by the number of Asian people I saw. There were tons of them, and they were especially Chinese. I knew that I was one of the Asians, but I had never seen so many Asians at one time.

Anyway, that was when I started wondering why there are so many Chinese in Australia, and I believe it is important and interesting to know the history when in Australia. I did a quick research from the book called “Chinese Migration and Settlement In Australia” by C.Y. Choi.

Australia, as well as other new Anglo-Saxon countries like California, British Columbia and New Zealand, was in great demand, because of frontier development.

Firstly, this demand was met by the convicts sent to Australia (and the black slaves to the U.S.). However, because the British Empire abolished slavery in 1833, these countries came to have Chinese workers instead to meet the demand. In addition, in 1860, the Peking Convention made it legal to recruit Chinese workers in treaty ports.
The first Chinese workers, made up of 100 adults and 20 boys, came from Amoy (Xiamen) to New South Wales through the agency of J. Tait  in 1848. From then on, there were some influx of Chinese people, but the author says that there was probably less than 3000 by the Gold Rush period.
Then, because of the Gold discoveries in New South Wales and Victoria in 1851, the situation of Chinese emigrants underwent a large increase in terms of numbers.
Nevertheless, the Australians at that time, including the convicts, feared the intense increase of Chinese, and laws that restrict the number of immigrants were legislated in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales from 1855 to 1861. In addition, A similar but more strict law to exclude Chinese and other races was enacted, which was the Commonwealth Immigration Restriction Act 1901-1956, which required all the immigrants to take dictation tests.
Therefore, even though It is believed to have been 45,000 to 50,000 Chinese at its peak, there occurred a number of departures back to China, and the census in 1901 recorded only 29,627 Chinese in Australia. The Chinese population had continued the decline, and it was the lowest in 1947 with the number of less than 10,000 including only 5,400 of foreign born Chinese.
After the establishment of the People’s Republic in China in 1949, many Chinese feared of being taken away land ownership or being considered to be ‘bourgeois’, and that was one of the triggers of Chinese people to decide settle permanently abroad.
Therefore, the departures back to China stopped, and a continuous increase of Chinese population begun in the post war period since 1947,

In the first half of the 19th century, Australia, as well as other new Anglo-Saxon countries like California, British Columbia and New Zealand, was in great demand, because of frontier development.

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Brief History of the European Immigration to Australia

Hello everybody, I am French from Paris and I lived in Sydney for 2 years, I would like to introduce to you a short history of the European immigration to Sydney…

Australia belongs from a strong European immigration started from 1606 by the Dutch and Spanish who discover first the Australian coast known as the New Holland by the European explorers and traders. It was not until 1770 when the British, Captain James Cook and Joseph Banks sailed into Botany Bay in 1780 under the command of Governor Arthur Phillip. It wasn’t long before the colony established itself and for the next 60 years it would be the new home to unwanted, persecuted and criminal elements of British society. Then the discovery of gold in 1851 in New South Wales and Victoria transform demographically Australia from 437,655 to 1,151,947 of population and most of them were European immigrants.

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Brief History of Sydney

Before we get into the races  in Sydney, let us make the  history of Sydney clear  briefly, shall we?

The Sydney's Opera House

Sydney is the capital city of  New South Wales and the  largest city of Australia.  The population of Sydney  is the biggest among other  Australian cities.

Sydney is the first city of  Australia. Sydney was  based in 1788 at that place  where landed first fleet headed by Arthur Phillip, therefore, the history of Sydney is, commonly, known as the history of Australia. Continue reading

Brief History of Australia


It may be too general, and everyone may know it, I’d like to make it clear; the brief history of Australia.

From the prehistoric times, Australia was populated by aborigines, who migrated to the continent more than 40 thousand years ago. Although, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Arabic seafarers, possibly, set down on the northern shore of Australia until 1000 A.D. Anyway, the West learned about it only in XVII (17) century, until this time Australia was known as mythical southern continent, which must occupy the large part of the southern hemisphere and should balance the land’s mass of the northern hemisphere. In time of the Middle Ages, Australia was called: “Terra Australis Incognita”, which means, “Unknown Southern Land”. There were a lot of seafarers who tried to find this mythical continent. Continue reading