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Education in Australia

During the classTo begin with, I believe that education is the key to the future and according to this choosing the university and the country to study in is extremely important.

However, picking out all this in the contemporary world, seems to be rather difficult. Continue reading


Russian Immigration to Australia

Hello, I’m Russian member from the group Diverse Sydney and I’d like to present the theme about Russian Immigration to Australia.

Red Square, Moscow

Red Square, Moscow

Russian Immigration started at 19th century with the Russian expeditions, the purposes of which were to explore unknown regions of the Pacific Ocean and Antarctic. The Jackson’s port (nowadays Kirribilli) at Sydney was the main area of Russian ships, where seafarers repaired their ships and had a rest. Therewith, most of the Australian citizens, of that time, named this place as “Russian Promontory”. Continue reading

In-fusion Festival at UTS

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Hello for everyone!

At this post we’d like to do a report on the In-fusion Festival which was held at UTS Tower Building from 17th to 21st  of August.

This festival had a great purpose which was to show various cultures that can be seen in such a prestigious university as UTS.

We went there on Wednesday, on the 3rd day of the festival. The program of the show included Arabic dancing by pretty woman and hip-hop dancing by a group of students.

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

The Arabic dancer showed an outgoing and beautiful  belly dancing with such danger weapon as a saber. Furthermore, the dancer gave a lesson “how to dance”; it helped us to get an unforgettable knowledge such as how to dance using your belly.

Moreover, this dancing was followed by a hip-hop dancers, who have made the UTS hall full of emotions. The dancers, who presented Hip-Hop culture, were UTS students. As you can see on the photo, their skills were amazing.

Our impressions were great, it was beautiful.

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

Photo by Nikita Gorbachev

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What Is Multiculturalism? (Again)


Photo by TeeJe

The other day, my group mate Victoire presented the definition of multiculturalism, that she found  from the government website. Anyway, i have just found another interesting definition, which i’d like to show to you.

Multiculturalism is a policy of tolerance which is directed towards the development and creation of foreign or separate cultures in one nation or country. Continue reading

Brief History of Sydney

Before we get into the races  in Sydney, let us make the  history of Sydney clear  briefly, shall we?

The Sydney's Opera House

Sydney is the capital city of  New South Wales and the  largest city of Australia.  The population of Sydney  is the biggest among other  Australian cities.

Sydney is the first city of  Australia. Sydney was  based in 1788 at that place  where landed first fleet headed by Arthur Phillip, therefore, the history of Sydney is, commonly, known as the history of Australia. Continue reading

Brief History of Australia


It may be too general, and everyone may know it, I’d like to make it clear; the brief history of Australia.

From the prehistoric times, Australia was populated by aborigines, who migrated to the continent more than 40 thousand years ago. Although, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Arabic seafarers, possibly, set down on the northern shore of Australia until 1000 A.D. Anyway, the West learned about it only in XVII (17) century, until this time Australia was known as mythical southern continent, which must occupy the large part of the southern hemisphere and should balance the land’s mass of the northern hemisphere. In time of the Middle Ages, Australia was called: “Terra Australis Incognita”, which means, “Unknown Southern Land”. There were a lot of seafarers who tried to find this mythical continent. Continue reading