Education in Australia

During the classTo begin with, I believe that education is the key to the future and according to this choosing the university and the country to study in is extremely important.

However, picking out all this in the contemporary world, seems to be rather difficult.

Honestly, Australia is the only country where most people do really want to enter the university. I mean that in many countries you either want to relax and immerse yourself in the unique culture or to study, however, Australia is the only one of its kind where it is a pleasure to both: live and study for a long period.  Every year thousands of people are coming to Australia and pursuing the aim to enjoy the atmosphere and the spirit of the country, the culture and people. Moreover, Australia as a study abroad destination has never been more affordable what can do nothing but please students and their parents. Because compared to other English speaking countries the costs of education in Australia are comparatively low.

Sydney is Australia’s number one destination for international students. They are drawn to Sydney due to its blend of culture, beaches, location, lifestyle and universities. It is also a choice for new residents – people from different international backgrounds live here. Education system in Sydney (Australia) may ultimately be judged in terms of equality of opportunity. I mean that there are the same opportunities for educational achievement and elitism of one sort or another is not inherent in the system.  What is more, overseas students continue to enroll in Australian universities and from year to year their amount is increasing in a dramatic way.  On the other hand, it is quite obvious that demand for Australian universities among local students is significantly smaller.


Australian Government, 2009, Study in Australia, viewed 10 September 2009:


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