Australian Lifestyle (Part 2)

Australian Food Habits

Breakfast – generally everyday cereal with cold milk, Fruit Juice from a bottle (they are very good quality), and very few people squeeze oranges at home. The most common eaten bread is the slice bread toast with butter and jam. The Coffee is weak mixed with cold milk in a big cup. Sweeteners are not very common used and they seemed to be amazed when you ask it.

fish and chips Australia

School Lunch Box – Sandwich of bread with butter and vegemite, apple or any other fruit and a “little treat” that means a small chocolate or fruit/cereal bar. Others use Nutela  hazelnuts spread on the bread. As the kids stay in the school until 3 pm sometimes they bring pocket money to buy food in the tuck shop (canteen).

Adults lunch – Usually around 12 o’clock, and the preference are the sandwiches hamburgers. Meat Pies came second, and fried chicken pieces in third place of preference.

Dinner or Afternoon Tea – “Spaggy Bol”-  Spaghetti  Bolognese is one of the most requested kid dishes, but usually the menu is composed with some kind of meat and  vegetables, always have potatoes or mash potatoes. This means the traditional English style meal Meat + 3 Vegetables. The rice has been introduced by the Asian culture (30% of the population) but the consume is still very low ( generally they don’t know how to do very well and the outcome is a very sticky rice).

Weekends – For the families the Fish & Chips (fried fish with fried potatoes) is the most requested eaten with a lot of ketchup. To the younger generation Pizzas. The BBQ (Barbie) is very popular as well on the weekends.

Also, typical Australian food

Avocado smoothies. For them they really looks like something very disgusting. In Australia they use Avocado only in salads (salted with other vegetables) or inside a sandwich, never with sugar.

Black beans, brown beans and  Feijoada. Most people does not want to risk their life in a gourmet  adventure to try such a black staff full of things inside.

Farofa. They say it looks like and taste dry as  saw dust.

Australian CaffeeYoung kids have coffee and milk or any other drink with coffee or  Guaraná. In Australia both are considered as drugs or to stay excited. The soft drink Guaraná is not known. Here only exists guarana drinks associated with smart drinks or energy drinks, advertised about the caffeine effects. They usually drink to be awake working studying or dancing.

Not using chilies in the food. Australians love chillies,and they are amazed to try Brazilian food without chilies. They think  Mexican food is similar with Brazilian.

Dish washing with soap and after rinse with clean water. The way they do here ( and in NZ too) is a full sink of hot water and soap, Put all dishes inside, clean with a sponge and put in the dish drainer. Few people  rinse with clean water. Dish washer machines are very popular.

Bread with Vegemite – spread butter and a thin layer of vegemite in a sandwich (vegemite is like a strong Soya misso).Australian Vegemite

Fish and Chips – overdose of  grease but It is nice. Don’t forget the ketchup.

Roast Lamb with  vegetables & gravy – Roast lamb in the oven (try also the pork),  with roast or boiled vegetables such as carrots peas and potatoes (of course), a sauce called Gravy (they loved this sauce- It is a thick meat sauce).

Sausage roll – It is a pastry  tube shape filled with meat sausage. Very filling.

Meat pie – the most famous and popular. Every where you can find them even frozen. The ones sold at the  Goldstein bakeries are very good.

Baked Beans Waffles. It is a very strange combination for Latin taste, but they love this cans of tomato sauce with brown beans (sweet) with bread.

Sticky Date Pudding – it is a iced cake with dates and a caramel sauce on the top.

Bee Sting – Cake with custard filling. You can find it in bakeries.


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