Special Broadcasting System or Slightly Boring Sketch of OZ ?

It has been really warm out here in Sydney that I can hear the Summer is coming without the Spring.

So, I might go out and appreciate the nature God given, rather than watching Aussie TV programs dragged in a freezing living-room.

But before that, let me introduce one of representative Australian TV channels which is very distinguishable from all the others.

You know that Australia has numerous broadcasting networks include famous ABC, Nine, Ten, Seven and SBS. They all have each distinct purpose and content to satisfy different needs of various groups in Australia.

Yet, I will only nominate SBS (Special Broadcasting System) for the most ‘appropriate’ Australia channel that represents its real multicultural society in particular.

SBS Television began in 1980 and it too started first in Sydney and Melbourne. Its radio and television services broadcast in more than 50 languages and all SBS TV and Radio content available free online.

If other TV networks are commercially driven for the specific audience (except ABC which is the government owned), SBS programs don’t necessarily try to persuade the audience keep wathcing their content for the purpose of getting profit.

Partly because they get funds from the government for about 80% of all, SBS has no competitor other than the public’s stereotypical perception of Australian society.

Yea ‘course, competition driven programs are much more fun to watch than the ones made in a safty zone.

I remember the first time I realised that SBS is to represent Australia’s multicultural society, I instantly felt somewhat ‘resistance’ against the message they’d contain is educational, boring and dragged.

Something unfamiliar and unusual representations like various races on SBS made me think ‘seriously’ unlike the others which require no ‘thinking’.

Though SBS’s purpose is good enough, it still has to be ‘Special’ among others that the people would feel somewhat distance from the reality it represents.

If SBS is not a part of the goverment scheme to lull many ethnic groups living in Australia and to promote the aspects of multiculturalism for own benefits, what makes it so ‘Special’ about when it tells the real Oz life ?


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