What Is Multiculturalism? (Again)


Photo by TeeJe

The other day, my group mate Victoire presented the definition of multiculturalism, that she found  from the government website. Anyway, i have just found another interesting definition, which i’d like to show to you.

Multiculturalism is a policy of tolerance which is directed towards the development and creation of foreign or separate cultures in one nation or country.

Identifiably different from political liberalism; it is the acknowledgement of rights after the collective subjects: by ethnic and cultural groups. Such rights can be evinced throughout the assignment of the possibility to ethnic and cultural communities to govern the instruction of their terms, to express political estimation and so forth.

Multiculturalism contradicts the concept “melting pot”, where the confluence of all cultures into one is formulated. An example of this is in Canada, where multiculturalism is cultivated, and USA, where it traditionally proclaims the concept of “melting pot”.

Multiculturalism – one of the aspects of tolerance, which is consisted in the requirement of parallel existence of cultures for purposes of their interpenetration, enrichment and development of mass culture.

The idea of multiculturalism is advanced mainly in the highly developed societies of Europe, where, throughout time has had a high-level of cultural development. In modern Europe, multiculturalism assumes: the start of its cultural field in the elements of immigrant cultures from countries of the “Third World” (including old colonies of European Countries).

The criticisms of multiculturalism assert that as a result, to obtain the complete destruction of past centuries, developed cultural traditions should come to a vault. In their opinion, if the low level of the cultural development of newcomers undoubtedly rises, then the high level of the culture with country obtaining high level of influence, multiculturalism invariably falls.


Closson, D. 2002, Multiculturalism, Probe Ministries International, viewed 13 August 2009



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