The French in Australia

1797 laPerouse mapHello everyone, that the “Frenchy” speaking for you about the French community in Australia…

To begin, a short history of French in Australia… back to January 1788 with the arrival of La Perouse expedition in Botanic Bay. La Perouse left the French port of Brest in August 1785 and headed south. In the next 2 and a half years, La Boussole and L’Astrolabe would sail many thousands of kilometres and cross the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans several times. Then since this expédition French people have been living in Australia.

The Consulate General of France estimates that the French community of Australia comprised 70 000 people in 2006. Of these, 55 000 (mostly dual nationals) were not registered at the Consulate General. In addition, more than 6 000 young French people are currently visiting Australia as part of the Working Holiday Visa program.

effel tower

Photo by Diva Eva

1. An ever increasing number of registered nationals

The number of French nationals registered at this Consulate general is on a constant rise: 6,000 in 1992, 10,000 in 2001 following the closure of the Consulate-General of France in Melbourne and 14,500 in October 2004. In five years, the number of French citizens registered at the Consulate General has increased by 53%. The average age of those registered is 37 years and 51% are women.

2. A young French community

The registered community is a relatively young one since the average age of adults is 36 years old. Also, 21% of the registered community is under 15 years old. A bit more than half of the registered French nationals hold dual nationality (Australian for most). Our community is a relatively mobile one and in this, it finds commonality with the local tendency: it is indeed rare to see Australian nationals settle for more than a continuous two to three years. This being said, our community nevertheless remains an essentially urban one.

Since 2005 and 2006, the French community in Sydney is principally based in Bondi Beach.

For you I have some good addresses of French restaurant in Sydney… try this website…

French food

Photo by avlxyz

And if you are French and you didn’t try to go to the “Alliance Francaise” in Sydney, there is the website address…

At the “Alliance Francaise” you will find a lot of activities such as concert, English courses, cultural events, bookshop, café and so on.


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