Full House, the Korean Restaurant



As I have lived in Sydney for months, I must say that the diversity of ethnic cuisines is one of the greatest things here. Chinese, Thai, Korean, Malaysian, French, Russian, Indian, Japanese… pretty much everything is within a walking distance from each other.

For a lunch on a sunny day, we decided to spend 10 dollars each at a Korean restaurant in the City. It is called Full House.

In Sydney (or may not only in Sydney), you see a lot of non-Japanese restaurants that have Japanese cuisines. Honestly, it looked weird to me at first, but now I really appreciate the popularity that the food from my culture outside of my country. Moreover, I guess it is like an advantage of the culturally diverse city to have foods from two different cultures at one restaurant. Unless you are seeking something genuine cooked by someone from that culture, these restaurants would be nice, giving you more choices for your lunch.

Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken

Today, we ordered Bulgogi, a Korean cuisine, and a teriyaki chicken which is Japanese.

We enjoyed the lunch. Not only the bulgogi dish but the teriyaki Chicken was good as well (to me). They come with a rice and a miso soup as well as four different small dishes of Korean entree. The overall volume was enough to get ourselves ready for our afternoon class. These were from the lunch menu, and both of the dishes were $9.90.

The place was also nice. It is located in front of Hilton hotel, and it is upstairs of a building, with some tables outside.

Small Dishes

Small Dishes

We actually wanted to go to an Italian restaurant in World Square, but it was closed for some reason. We will go there sometime soon, and we will report it later on!

Full House

Full House

Full House is located in:
Level 1, 238 Pitt Street, Sydney


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