The Code of Australian TV drama: Yeap, I am ‘Aussie’ drama.

Good afternoon, everyone. This is DJ again. I am here to talk about a very interesteing subject named  ‘the code of Australian TV drama’.

I generally have been thinking that Australian dramas are not quite ‘attractive’ as much as American ones. Maybe because I am being an international student in Sydney, the dramas are neither representative nor really understandable at least for me, (then Why Americans’?).

Let me have a look at some of Australian’s favorite dramas that hopefully represent Australian identities.

  1. The Secret Life of Us is the no.1 favorite drama of all time in Australia. It was aired from 2001 to 2005 features young adults trying to find their life goals.
  2. Heartbreak High is the second best acclaimed Australian drama screened between 1994 and 1999. It deals with  tough high school students in a multi-racial area of Sydney, and proved to be a “more gritty and fast-paced show” than many of its contemporaries, according to Wikipedia.
  3. Love My Way as you guess is ranked for the third. It was aired between 2005 and 2007 presents a life of thirty-somethings characters dealing with ups and downs of life.

If you want to know the full rank of Ausie dramas, click.

These top three have earned a number of awards as were husely popular in Australia. The dramas had mostly dealt with human relationship and carrer life. Yet, what I should be careful to mention is that many Australian dramas don’t account much of ‘multiculturalism’ that we actually experience in the real term, noticeably except ‘Heartbreak High‘. Heartbreak High does really capture multiculral aspects of Sydney environment even though it is perceived as a troublesome matter on the story line.

Not only to mention that various racial and ethinic communities that aren’t distictly shown in the dramas(if not about criminal kinds), but also to question where are the indigenous people that harmoniously integrate ‘Australian’ life represented in the drama?

In my next post, I will going to discuss on this matter more broadly with current famous Ausie dramas include ‘Home and Away’ and ‘Neighbours’.

Well, until then, let’s try some of great Australian dramas, umm?


2 responses to “The Code of Australian TV drama: Yeap, I am ‘Aussie’ drama.

  1. Why are American dramas more attractive than Australian? It’s easy to pinpoint the answer in American cultural imperialism .All over the world people are accculturated to Americana – discourse, food, politics or lack, love and relationships- through the cultural push and saturation of American film and TV so that the American way becomes what is expected . Or is it more than this? Do American filmmakers know how to tap into a narrative format that captures audiences at a deeper level of myth?

  2. I have to admit that you’re right. I had been really used to the Americal styles that I couldn’t feel anything unnatural or abnormal. Recently, I found myself watching ‘Neighbors’ and ‘Home and Away’ with great interests that I never imagined I would. Now, I ‘sometimes’ realize most American dramas or films have common or stereotypical practice that attracts young minds.

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