Movie ‘Romper Stomper’ and the racism in Australia

Hi, every one it’s Victoria, today I would like to introduce to you my new post about a movie ‘Romper Stomper’…

Directed by Geoffrey Wright, in 1992, is an American film director born in Melbourne in 1959. The film follows the exploits and downfall of a neo-Nazi skinhead group in suburban Melbourne.

Staring: Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock, Jacqueline McKenzie and Tony Lee.

The film was nominated for nine Australian Film Institute Awards, winning Best Achievement in sound, Best Actor in a Lead Role and Best Original Music Score.


Hando and Davey are leaders in a “skinhead” band in Melbourne. They hate and attack a group of Vietnamese immigrant. Gabe, a young girl joins the group of skinhead and helps them to fight against the Vietnamese. One day the Vietnamese fight back strongly and destroy the skinhead group and their place while they are tracking by the police. At the end Hando decides to leaves the group with the girl.


Skinhead, Neo-Nazi is a group of people with the ideology Nazi. They have been create in Britain in 1970-1980 the first group was Skrewdriver. They are generally against all races immigrants and are very violent. There are two groups of Skinheads in Australia, one in Sydney called Southern Cross and an other in Melbourne called White Aryan Resistance (WAR). These two groups are strongly against Asian and Jewish people in Australia


Contemporary expressions of racism which have emerged in recent years relate to notions of nationhood which are seen as incompatible with diversity. These racist beliefs may be expressed in various stereotyped views of who the ‘real’ Australians are. It consists of pervasive cultural assumptions where the customs and beliefs of the dominant group in society are presented as the norm. As a result, the status and behaviour of minority groups, particularly those who are more visibly different, are defined and judged with respect to the dominant group.

According to Bessant and Watts, “racism refers to the beliefs and practices justify by the idea that there are distinct groups of people known as ‘race’. They are said to be distinctive because member of those races allegedly share certain “natural” or “biological” characteristics. Racism includes claims that these characteristics point to the fact that some races are naturally and permanently inferior to the others.” Racism refers to the distinction between the level of intelligence, level of civilisation and culture the difference of physical aspect of the body and so on. The word ‘race’ is more genetic and scientific than in relation with national communities, race is from the difference of genes in each human body “geneticists have pointed out that if there are 50 000 genes in each human only 10 of them determine skin colours. And intelligence has nothing to do with race because it is not genetically determine.


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