Brief History of Sydney

Before we get into the races  in Sydney, let us make the  history of Sydney clear  briefly, shall we?

The Sydney's Opera House

Sydney is the capital city of  New South Wales and the  largest city of Australia.  The population of Sydney  is the biggest among other  Australian cities.

Sydney is the first city of  Australia. Sydney was  based in 1788 at that place  where landed first fleet headed by Arthur Phillip, therefore, the history of Sydney is, commonly, known as the history of Australia.

Governor Macquarie (1810-1821) played significant role in development and building of Sydney. The building was going fast, new streets appeared, the houses were made from the local sandstone and in 1842 Sydney was declared by city. The Stock Market appeared, university was opened and railroad was laid. The offensive of new century was marked by the organization of the Commonwealth of Australia and Sydney became the capital of the state New South Wales.

During the World War II, American fleet was based at Sydney, which exerted strong influence on the appearance and style of life.  Skyscrapers appeared, and Sydney acquired “Western” appearance.

Social changes, simultaneously, occurred; especially as a result of the postwar immigration, Sydney has become multinational. Its international nature is outstanding feature of contemporary Sydney; there are approximately 140 nationalities at Sydney.

Today’s Sydney is bright, beautiful and modern city, the largest international commercial and cultural center, the most “heterogeneous” and contradictory city of Australia.

This is a post by Nikita Gorbachev.


Sydney Tourist Guide, 2009. viewed 8 August 2009.



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